The Promise.

28 02 2011

Firstly, sincere apologies for lack of blogging. I have frequent internet access again and lots of time on my hands so back to being an active blog 🙂

Now, The Promise was a 4 part tv drama shedding light on the Palestinian – Isreali conflict. Switching between 1940’s and present day Palestine, Peter Kosminsky wrote this compelling drama about an 18 year old girl, Erin (played by Claire Foy, pictured above), tracing her grandfathers life (Len, a British soldier played by Christian Cooke) in Palestine. Erin accompanies her best friend Eliza ( who’s going to complete her service with the Israeli army, to her Parents house in Israel. Len’s story portrays the events prior 1948 and Erin’s story portrays modern day.
Did you watch this series? If so, please tell me your thoughts.
If you didn’t watch it, you still have the chance as it’s available on 4od and released on DVD. Click the following link to watch the episodes, interviews with the cast and some further reading on the series.  The Promise

My review.
When I sat down to watch the first episode I wasn’t sure what to expect, but soon into it I was captivated and I found Peter Kominsky wrote it perfectly. I cried on all four episodes and even though the story of Erin and her Grandfather are fictional the historical, modern day and political events are true. It really showed the truth from both sides, Isreali’s and Palestinians. It gave a taste of what living in Palestine is really like and it pulled every single one of my heartstrings.
Beautifully written and beautifully acted.
I thank you Peter Kominsky, Channel 4, the actors and everybody involved in this drama for bringing truth to our screens.



11 01 2011

Well it’s been over a year since I have updated the blog. Sincere apologies to you all. I have had no internet access bar my phone due to a broken laptop that for some reason no matter how many times it gets repaired it stays the same! It’s still not working so my access is limited. I will try to update whenever I have the chance to.

Convoy return to Gaza – Viva Palestina.

12 12 2009

Firstly my deepest apologies for not keeping this blog updated, rest assured that even though I lacked with the blogging I have not when it comes to Palestine. The war on Gaza and life since the nakba has not been forgotten and never will.

With the success of the last Convoy from Britain to Gaza on Valentines day, George Galloway embarked on another journey, this being the third as a second one left the USA on Independance day.

This latest convoy has seen yet more volunteers giving up their time, their vehicles and committing themselves in solidarity to help the victimes in Gaza.

Leaving London on 6th December 2009 the convoy aims to be in Gaza on 27th December; year to date from the Gaza war which saw so many victims lose their live’s, their homes, their everything.

For a quick update on the progress of the convoy so far, which at the moment has made it to Greece, re-visit the Viva Palestina website you can also follow Viva Palestina on Twitter and you can also follow tweets by George Galloway

Al-Aqsa ~ Virtual tour

23 07 2009

In the heart of Palestine… Al-Aqsa mosque, enjoy the tour 🙂

click to start tour


4 07 2009

Apologies for not being active this past month. Here are a couple of the most recent updates.

UN Human rights mission collects gruesome testimonies from Gaza.

We all saw the Viva Palestina convoy leave to Gaza back on 14th Feb from UK, This time there is another one leaving today 4th July from the USA to Gaza for more information and to stay updated

(BAPD) – My time in Palestine.

15 05 2009

This is the first time I’m taking part in something like this and I have been racking my brains trying to decide on what to write for Blog About Palestine Day. There is so much to choose from… History.. Culture.. Embroidery.. The people.. The list is endless and then it hit me, what better way to write about Palestine day than my own personal experience.. Firstly today is BAPD because it marks the Nakba – 61 years off exile and occupation.

*Nakba – “The catastrophe”
1948 was the year that the Israel state was established by expulsion and disposition of hundreds of thousands Palestinians from their homes and their lands, and more than 500 villages were depopulated and later completely destroyed.

My time in Palestine.
When I was around 14 years old I first went to Palestine with my dad and my sister. The first place I visited and also stayed was with my aunt in Bethlehem. Their house sat among farmland with one of my cousin’s house opposite. My first memory was my first day of arrival, I’m laying down suffering from travel sickness and my cousin comes running in excitedly.. Leila Leila ta3lii shoofi meaning come and look. So I got up and followed her to be greeted by a slaughtered goat needless to say it was slaughtered for that days dinner, which saw me going back to the room feeling worse.
I, my sister and some cousins used to walk along to the lands containing vine and olive trees which belong to my family taking with us a donkey, yes a donkey. We picked grapes from the vine trees, roamed the land laughing and having fun. At night time we took our farahsat – mattresses to the roof to sleep in the cool air under the stars and mistakenly placed our farashat right in the middle of the roof forgetting we would be waking up to the heat off the morning sun burning down on us.

Surbaher is another place where we stayed, in the house belonging to my dad’s cousin, Surbaher is also the village that my family originate from. A road on a slope with buildings on each side from top to bottom that house various members off extended and distant relatives.
Family members also came from Jordan to spend time with us in Bethlehem and Surbaher, and we also enjoyed big family trips to the beach in Jaffa, smaller family trips into Jerusalem exploring the capital and all it has to offer. Hanging out with my sister, first and third cousins playing pranks on unfortunate family members kept us laughing constantly.

On the sadder side of my trips to Palestine every where we went there were Israeli control checks, soldiers occupying every corner, outside al-aqsa (dome of the rock) an innocent male passer by getting beaten by Israeli soldiers that my aunt intervened saying he’s her son to stop and leave him alone, my dad pointing out the cave that he and my family had to take shelter under while under attack, demolished homes, everything run by occupiers.. It’s endless.

Among the many memories I have… Walking along the beaches of Eilat and Jaffa, exploring the souq’s – markets of Bethlehem and Jerusalem, climbing the spiral steps to the bell tower off the church overlooking Jerusalem, entering al-aqsa seeing the bloodied clothes of martyrs and wondering through the dome of the rock taking in all its beauty, the bomb scare at the airport which was caused by my sister forgetting to pick a bag up, travelling through all the borders, picking grapes, long night time walks throughout Bethlehem and spending wonderful quality time with my family especially my cousins and my third cousins in Surbaher.. Made Palestine alive to me, Palestine lives in the hearts of all Palestinians whether half Palestinian like me or full Palestinian.. The Zionist’s can take all they want but they can’t take our memories and one day Palestine will be returned to the Palestinians.


* Surbaher – Is located in the East of Jerusalem, and unfortunately its town is one of many that has been crossed by the segregation wall.



* Bethlehem – In Arabic Bethlehem is pronounced Beit lahem literally translates to House of meat.  Also the birth place of Jesus.


Blog about Palestine day.

10 05 2009

Friday 15th May is Blog about Palestine day.

May 15th marks the 61 years of Nakba so Za3tar is doing a Blog about Palestine day for the 2nd year running. You don’t have to be Palestinian to take part you can also write about anything you wish. .