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Israel’s horrific assault on Gaza last December and January resulted in a massive wave of action — with hundreds of thousands of people across the country protesting against the massacre and calling for an end to Israel’s impunity under international law. We saw a sea-change in public opinion and activism.

But Israel’s brutal and inhuman blockade on Gaza continues. Despite international pressure, Israel is continuing to build settlements across the West Bank, seizing even more Palestinian land and resources. And Israel’s new government is looking at measures to increase the racism and discrimination against Palestinians living inside Israel, with proposals being raised to imprison anyone commemorating the Nakba for three years. While the Israeli state continues its war on the Palestinians, we must increase our solidarity with Palestine.

We now need you to join with us, and help us build the mass movement for peace and justice for Palestinians that is so desperately needed.

PSC campaigns for justice and peace — and for self-determination for the Palestinian people.

This year we have:

Organised massive national demonstrations in London, and demonstrations, pickets, rallies and meetings up and down the country
Held mass lobbies of Parliament
Taken trade union delegations to Palestine
Lobbied the Foreign Office over illegal settlement goods sold in UK supermarkets
Continued to build the campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions
Held a national conference in Birmingham featuring international keynote speakers
Supported students in their campaigns on campus
Hosted fringe meetings on Palestine at party and trade union conferences

We can’t do any of this without your support. Please help us to build our campaign and work towards a free Palestine.

By joining PSC you will:

Have the chance to join in local, national and international action in the fight for justice
Be part of a movement whose voice is heard in Parliament and in Europe
Receive free quarterly issues of PSC’s magazine, Palestine News
Have access to materials and speakers from PSC to organise your own events
Become part of the most vibrant, fastest-growing political campaign in the country

All this for only £24 a year (waged)/ £12 a year (unwaged)


1. Online at
2. By phone: call us on 020 7700 6192
3. By post: Click here to download a joining form, and return it with a cheque payable to ‘PSC’ to PSC BOX BM PSA, London, WC1N 3XX


One response

28 09 2010

Thank you for this site!
Here’s a series of 7 videos about the history of Palestine and Palestinian sufferings. The author is a good Italian journalist, but it is in English (ther’s also an Italian version)

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