Fallen Heroes.

This page is in honour of all the fallen heroes in Palestine. They dedicated their lives to bring peace, justice and human rights to the Palestinians. They will always live on through their work and our hearts. May you all rest in peace, God bless your souls.




Vittorio Arrigoni
1975 – 2011

 Vittorio, was a member of the ISM he had been helping the people in Gaza for the past 10 years. He had been living there for the past two years when he was kidnapped, held hostage and killed by his captors (A salafist group). Vittorio will always be remembered for his humanitarian work in Gaza.

 “We must remain human, even in the most difficult times” …

 “Because, despite everything, there must always be humanity within us. We have to bring it to others.”

Gaza: Stay Human by Vittori Arrigoni (Book)

* * * *

 Juliano Mer-Khamis
1958 – 2011

 Father and husband, Juliano, (born to a Jewish Israeli mother and Palestinian Christian father), was an Actor, Film Maker, Director and Politcal Activist. Continuing his Jewish mother’s work for Palestinian rights he is one of the founders of ‘The Freedom Theatre’ in Jenin Refugee Camp. Juliano was shot dead in his car by unknown masked gunmen in Jenin, West Bank infront of the freedom theatre.

  IDMB page


* * * *

Thomas Hurndall
1981 – 2004

 Tom, a British photography student & a volunteer of the ISM had taken a year out to help put tents up in a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan. After hearing of the killing of Racheal Corrie, he took his notebook and camera and made his way to Gaza. Seeing Palestinian children being shot at, Tom went to help the few that stood there traumatised, lifting a young girl, Tom was shot at in the head by an IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) sniper. He died after 9 months of being in a coma.

Defy the stars: The life and death of Tom Hurndall book written by his Mother, Jocelyn Hurndall.

* * * *

Rachel Corrie
1979 – 2003

 Rachel, an American peace activist was a member of the ISM whose dream it was to help those in need when she was just a child. She grew up and was carrying out her dreams when she become a martyr at the age of 23 in Gaza. Rachel had acted as a human shield by kneeling peacfully infront of a Palestinian home to protect it from being crushed by a Caterpillar IDF bulldozer, sadly, it resulted in the IDF bulldozer crushing Rachel to death.

Many activist activities have been done in Rachel’s name to honour her human rights and peace activist work. Her emails have also been made available to read.

YOUTUBE VIDEO – Rachel Corrie – 5th grade speech – I’m here because…
Rachel Corrie Memorial website
The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice

* * * *

MV – Mavi Marmara
Various, see below – 2010

The Mavi Marmara was the lead ship of the flotilla to Gaza, one of the ships was named MV Rachel Corrie. The ships had people from all different backgrounds, race and religions with one thing in common – bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza.

On 31st May 2010, Aboard the MV Mavi Marmara ship among the peace activists were 9 Turkish men whom became martyrs after being shot at numerous times by the IDF on international waters.

Top Row (L-R)
Ibrahim Bilgen ~ 1949-2010
Ali Haydar Bengi ~ 1971-2010
Cevdet Kiliçlar ~ 1972-2010

Middle Row (L-R)
Çetin Topçuoglu ~ 1956-2010
Necdet Yildrum ~ 1978-2010
Fahri Yaldiz ~ 1967-2010

Bottom Row (L-R)
Cengiz Songür ~ 1963-2010
Cengiz Akyüz ~ 1969-2010
Furkan Dogan ~ 1991-2010

9 Projects in the name of 9 Martyrs

* * * *

Lest we not forget all the Palestinian men, women and children that have lost their lives under the hands of zionists. We will never give up in our aim to free our beloved country, Palestine. May you all rest in peace, God bless your souls.


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