11 01 2011

Well it’s been over a year since I have updated the blog. Sincere apologies to you all. I have had no internet access bar my phone due to a broken laptop that for some reason no matter how many times it gets repaired it stays the same! It’s still not working so my access is limited. I will try to update whenever I have the chance to.


Blog about Palestine day.

10 05 2009

Friday 15th May is Blog about Palestine day.

May 15th marks the 61 years of Nakba so Za3tar is doing a Blog about Palestine day for the 2nd year running. You don’t have to be Palestinian to take part you can also write about anything you wish. .


15 04 2009

Sorry I havn’t been active in these past few weeks, I havn’t had much access to the net.

Hello world!

25 01 2009

Welcome to my blog, here I will be showing you the truth about Palestine, things you can do to help and basically anything Palestine related. Hope you will read and follow it, feel free to leave any comments on any topics posted. 🙂