Nakba 2011 – The right of return.

15 05 2011

Today marks the 63rd anniversary of the Nakba.

*Nakba – “The catastrophe”
1948 was the year that the Israel state was established by expulsion and disposition of hundreds of thousands Palestinians from their homes and their lands, and more than 500 villages were depopulated and later completely destroyed.

Events around the world saw Palestinians demanding their right of return to Palestine through protests. People in Lebanon and Syria marched to the borders with nothing but voices and flags and in return were met with bullets.

21 peope have died so far today and who knows how many more injured.
10 in Lebanon, 8 in Syria, 2  in Gaza and 1 in the West Bank. It is become known as ‘Bloody Sunday’
Source – Gaza TV News

In this video, Palestinians are waving flags in Tel Aviv for the first time since 1948.

Another video showing Israeli army shooting at Palestinians at the Gaza border. A brave girl continues to wave the Palestinian flag.


Upcoming Demonstrations in London.

18 04 2011

THOUSANDS OF YOU WILL HIT LONDON’S STREETS FOR THE ROYAL WEDDING in less than 2 weeks time, how many of you will go back to London to demand for 63 years of Israeli occupation to stop??- MURDERED CHILDREN, women & men. IMPRISONED CHILDREN, women & men. DEMOLISHED HOMES THAT HOUSE CHILDREN, women & men. STOLEN LANDS & LIVES. WHAT IF IT WAS YOUR CHILDREN, MOTHERS, FATHERS, BROTHERS & SISTERS ETC..?? Remember ‘STAY HUMAN’

Click on the below two links for more information.

Saturday 14th May 2011 – End the seige on Gaza
Sunday 15th May 2011 – Demonstration in Solidarity with 3rd Palestinian Intifada

National Demonstration May 16th.

8 05 2009

remember gaza

Free Palestine!
National Demonstration
Saturday 16 May 2009
Assembling 12 noon in Malet Street, London WC1
Rally in Trafalgar Square


7 02 2009

Iraqi rapper Lowkey wrote this poem about Palestine here is the perfomance at Gaza protest 10th Jan, Hyde Park, he also performed on 3rd Jan protest.. Listen to the song with lyrics on the music page.

Tesco Boycott.

1 02 2009

A group entered a Tesco in Swansea filled their trollies with products labeled West Bank as country of origin, left the store and covered them in ketchup as fake blood to represent the lives of innocent people in Palestine. BOYCOTT ISRAELI GOODS!!

Gaza 2009 we will never forget.

31 01 2009

Montage documenting the genocide committed by Isreal


30 01 2009

The last 4 weeks I been attending the Saturday Protests in London. Some are along with the biggest demonstrations in London’s history, people of all nationalities were there not only arabs, and we had huge support from asians and english ppl who were protesting with us.  The protests have took place in Embankment, Trafalgar square, Portland place (BBC offices), Hyde park and the Israeli embassy, we marched through various streets in London including Parliament street. There were speeches held at BBC, Hyde park and Trafalgar square.

The protests have took place all over the world not just London, so for those who say.. Why protest? the answer is simple.. we need to get our voices heard!! take a look at this..

What the people say


Here are some more short clips from some of the protests.

Go to youtube to see more of the protests and great speakers, I also have some photo’s on display from flickr from the last 2 protests (17th and 24th Jan)