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My name is Leila, I was born in 1981. I have an English mother and an Arabic father from Palestine. My Palestinian roots come from a small village in Jerusalem, where some of my family still live, I also have family in Bethlehem. Most of my Arabic family are either living in Jordan or England. I was born and raised in England and have visited Jordan and Palestine on numerous occassions. I have one wish for the Palestinians and that is for them to have right of return, to have their land back and freedom in their own country.

This blog is for all the Palestinians.. God bless you!


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28 01 2009

how about you add this to Qwaider planet and Jordan blogs ?
go there and “submit your blog”

28 01 2009

I submitted the blog to both, thx 4 the links 🙂

2 02 2009
taha afaneh

leila iam proud of you and i hope we well one day soon live in sourbaher free of occupation and iam sure the freedum of palestine will be soon

2 02 2009

Thanks dad! 🙂 Inshallah one day Palestine will b free xx

13 02 2009

Hello Laila,

First of all, you are one beautiful palestinian soul! God bless your efforts. The strength to carry on and stay up right is the only path way to Free Palestine enshalla.

I do hope you are part of an activist group, that helps a lot not to feel all on your own and all isolated when fighting for palestine and the palestinians in a western community – so i came to learn lately!

Would you accept some comments? well, i’m spelling them out anyway so you don’t have much say about it now do u! 🙂

1. How about more (main menu) items? so you can actually UNLOAD the main page a little bet and file them in a bette way so you can access them more easily. Feed backs (like mine and the other ones) should be part of a seperate menu item – you can call it (Contact me) or (write me a letter) or just (Feedback).

2. Once the main page is lighter, you will have more space for an introductory to this websapce of yours – that would make it more searchable by google and others search engines.

3. Other items that you may want to consider are: resources (where you are getting data from, links (to websites and webpages you find them of value)

Hope you accept my say, it was written with at most respect to your wonderful efforts


14 02 2009

Hello Emad
Thank you and God bless you. 🙂
Your suggestions are more than welcome, The blog is fairly new and I still have so much to add for different pages. I like your feedback one, I will add that one in. I’m not the best when it comes to technology but i’m getting there lol.
I have recently become a member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and just waiting to find out my nearest branch, cant wait to get involved.
Inshallah Palestine will be free.. we must never give up!!

Thanks again Emad 🙂

17 02 2009

Good luck.

17 02 2009

Thank you.

16 05 2009

Hi Leila, thanks for your BAPD article!
Here´s something that might be interesting for your video collection:

Assalamu Alaikum

18 05 2009

Batman – Ur most welcome and thankyou for the video 🙂

13 03 2011

Very nice Blog, created by an awesome and beautiful girl. It’s a great thing you doing and very brave in a time most Palestinians forgot or gave up on Palestine.. I would like to thank you for reminding us of what we come for and who we really are. Living in the United States and not hearing anything about Palestine, made me busy to be more involved in a very important matter. I’m not involved in politics that much becuase its very hard to tell who is right and wrong these days and who is saying the truth and who is not..
I just want to say to the great Palestinians people who live away from palestine that you can play a great role helping to create Peace again in the holy land again, by being respectful, understanding, open minded, fair and loving people. We should show the world that we deserve to live in peace and harmony . Everyone of us is the Face of the Future Palestine and it must be clean and beautiful.
I wish no harm for anybody on either side, we are all humans who has feelings and the need to belong to some place we can call home..
I wish all the dying, crying, hate, discrimination, segeration ends in our Land
Let us just Dream of a Better future and peace in the middle east !!!!!
Love you all !!!

Thanks Leila

13 03 2011

That’s so beautiful 🙂 thanks Sultane.

22 04 2011

salaam Leila
truly impressive blog _ with very possibly the best wordpress title ever!! o: )
well done to you!
thanks for linking to world is watching _ i wondered since you do link to video and supporting the BDS campaign _ if at any time in pertinent posts you might be interested in linking to my youtube page _ (just an idea)
anyway keep up this great work _ LONG LIVE PALESTINE!! ❤


24 04 2011

Thank you 🙂

Yes, I’ll definitely link your youtube page. LONG LIVE PALESTINE INDEED!! 🙂

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