Vittorio Arrigoni – Italian Pro Palestine supporter kidnapped and held hostage in Gaza.

14 04 2011

An Italian Pro Palestine supporter has been kidnapped by a small extremist group, Salafi’s in Gaza threatening exectution tomorrow afternoon if their leader (whom was arrested last month by Hamas) is not released.

It’s absolutely disgusting. Palestinians are prisoners in prisons, their own homes and their own country by Isreal yet this group does the same to a Pro Palestine supporter. They are as bad as Israel.

Read the full story here

Join this Facebook page ASAP to show your support for his release.

EDIT: He died, they killed him 😥 they are sick sick monsters, he had such a beautiful heart and soul. May God bless him and R.I.P
I believe there is a conference at 4:00am so I’ll post a new post tomorrow regarding his death when I have more details and to honour this fallen hero, Vittorio Arrigoni 😦 Rest In Peace.




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