The Promise.

28 02 2011

Firstly, sincere apologies for lack of blogging. I have frequent internet access again and lots of time on my hands so back to being an active blog 🙂

Now, The Promise was a 4 part tv drama shedding light on the Palestinian – Isreali conflict. Switching between 1940’s and present day Palestine, Peter Kosminsky wrote this compelling drama about an 18 year old girl, Erin (played by Claire Foy, pictured above), tracing her grandfathers life (Len, a British soldier played by Christian Cooke) in Palestine. Erin accompanies her best friend Eliza ( who’s going to complete her service with the Israeli army, to her Parents house in Israel. Len’s story portrays the events prior 1948 and Erin’s story portrays modern day.
Did you watch this series? If so, please tell me your thoughts.
If you didn’t watch it, you still have the chance as it’s available on 4od and released on DVD. Click the following link to watch the episodes, interviews with the cast and some further reading on the series.  The Promise

My review.
When I sat down to watch the first episode I wasn’t sure what to expect, but soon into it I was captivated and I found Peter Kominsky wrote it perfectly. I cried on all four episodes and even though the story of Erin and her Grandfather are fictional the historical, modern day and political events are true. It really showed the truth from both sides, Isreali’s and Palestinians. It gave a taste of what living in Palestine is really like and it pulled every single one of my heartstrings.
Beautifully written and beautifully acted.
I thank you Peter Kominsky, Channel 4, the actors and everybody involved in this drama for bringing truth to our screens.




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