More on Viva Palestina!

26 02 2009

Going back to 14th February 2009, Four Man Films brings you some of the people joining the convoy with their vehicles packed with aid for Gaza, the amount of work and money they have raised in a small amount of time is simply amazing. (after watching the video’s carry on reading regarding updates and donating).









Keep track of the Convoy’s progress at also in my side bar under the title.. Viva Palestina blogs.. you will find blogs direct from people on the convoy. Currently the convoy arrived in Tunisia early this evening.

When you go to Viva Palestina homepage please please make sure you make a donation. The below text is taken from the Viva Palestina website.

With over 100 vehicles and £1million in aid the Viva Palestina convoy has met with an overwhelming response. But we still need more money to buy extra reconstruction aid in Egypt to carry into Gaza. Could you help us to raise a further £50,000 before the convoy reaches Egypt? Our totaliser will raise the Palestinian flag as your donations raise solidarity with Gaza.

A message from George Galloway MP

“The time for talking is over and the time for action is now. The Viva Palestina convoy has struck a chord with thousands who wish to express their solidarity with the people of Gaza. But we need more money to purchase the aid so desparately needed by a people living under seige.”

“Please give generously. Donations to the Convoy can be made online via Paypal using a debit or credit card by clicking on the button below. Our friends at North Manchester Against Wars have kindly agreed to help process these payments and you can be guaranteed that every penny we receive via this site will be used to support our brothers and sisters in Gaza by contributing to the Viva Palestina convoy. ”

Please note: during the payment process (just before you confirm your donation) you will be able to leave a message for the convoy. We post these onto the website.

We’ve done a little analysis (19/02/2009) of who is donating to Viva Palestina and, as you can see, almost a fifth of all donations are now coming from outside of the United Kingdom. Viva Palestina has begun to hit the news across the globe. We have now had donations from 25 different countries, from as far afield as Singapore to Andorra, Norway to South Africa.

Please keep the donations coming in. And don’t forget to tell your friends, family and workmates about Viva Palestina.



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